LTW Monthly Showcase – Make, Play and Share

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Overview of event

  1. Stewart’s presentation (.PPTX 13.1 MB)
  2. Interactive Content Service website  – including Open Educational Resources (OER) repository

Screen recording

Highlighted projects

Learn about three recent e-learning projects created by the University’s Learning, Teaching and Web services division:

  1. ‘An introduction to online learning degrees’ – popular marketing video
    1. Lauren Johnston-Smith
    2. Media Hopper Create video
    3. Lauren’s presentation (.PPTX 2.6 MB)
  2. ‘Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland (CHSS) e-learning portfolio’ – award-winning open access healthcare websites
    1. Fran Bailey
    2. CHSS e-learning portfolio website
    3. Fran’s presentation (.PPTX 14.4 MB)
  3. ‘Supercytes’ – game-based inflammation and immunology schools resource
    1. Dr. Donald J Davidson
    2. Supercytes website

Featured technologies

Key technologies discussed will include: WordPress, Media Hopper Create, EdWeb and H5P (free and open-source content collaboration framework).

Workshop activities

This event includes two short workshop activities that will guide you through the steps required to create your own H5P-based interactive content. Everyone will be provided with open materials, desktop computer and hands-on support from the Interactive Content team.

  1. First group activity – make H5P content (Image Juxtaposition)
    1. Download instructions (.PDF 370 KB)
  2. Second group activity – make, play and share more H5P content (Memory Game)
    1. Download instructions (.PDF 484 KB)

Supercytes Memory Game