Festival of Creative Learning 2019 – Adult Colouring Book Workshop

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Help us to create an Adult Colouring Book and do some colouring too by coming to our Festival of Creative Learning workshop.

Festival of Creative Learning


For the illustration we wanted to use software for the workshop that was relatively straightforward to use and that anyone could access, with no downloading or installing required. Surprisingly the choices are limited for purely online and free but we tested a few and discovered Sketchpad 5.1. It is actually pretty good and fun to use too.

If you prefer to have a break from your computer, we are including drawing the old fashioned way with a pencil and pen.


We shall be using images from the University of Edinburgh Collections, also held at Europeana Collections. We have gone through thousands of images to select the most suitable for making into illustrations for colouring. You will be able to select one from the list and choose whether you want to include it in a frame, add a background or keep it simple. See our example of the fish created using Sketchpad.

Our previous work

The first image we created for colouring in was for Ada Lovelace Day in 2015. It is an illustration of Ada with a diagram of the Analytical Engine in the background. The image was drawn by hand and took two days. Mechanism of the Heavens’ followed in 2017, a portrait of Mary Somerville with an astronomy background.

‘Garden of Ada’ and ‘Mechanism of the Heavens’ are Creative Commons licensed (CC BY-SA) for easy distribution and maximum reuse, so please share them freely.

At the workshop there will be images for you to colour in, and to take away and colour in at home.

How can you resist, sign up now and join us for the workshop on Wednesday 20th or Friday 22nd February. It will be fun and relaxing.

Festival of Creative Learning