Online Learning Promotional Video

Reading Time: 1 minute

Interactive Content team member Stuart Brett recently completed work on a short promotional video for online learning.

It provides an introduction to online learning degrees at The University of Edinburgh, and addresses some of the frequently asked questions received from prospective students, such as ‘how does online learning work?’ and ‘will it say on my degree certificate that my degree was taught online?’.

This video was created in collaboration with ‘Communications and Marketing’ and Lauren Johnston Smith, the Online Learning Marketing Project Manager for Learning Teaching & Web Services Division.

Created primarily with Adobe Creative tools Premiere Pro and After Effects. It makes use of stock photos/videos, bespoke graphic design and our in-house photo library.

Published on Media Hopper, the video has been viewed 54,000+ times and played 3,000+ times (as of 05FEB2018).

Please read the following news article for more information on the new marketing projects that are underway within ISG to support the University’s commitment to online learning.

If you have any video projects that we can help with please get in touch.